Technological Freedom Churches Locator

Wherever you are in the world, there is a group of people, using the applied techniques and philosophies of Ubiquity and the teachings and research of Gerry X. Meatfist, to affect real change in their lifes and surroundings.

Our goal, to liberate the entire planet from beardo, requires much assistance and support from you and those like yourself. At your local Technological Freedom Church, you will find answers, solutions and techniques to help you achieve more and produce more.

Before he died, Gerry X. Meatfist said “My books, my writings and my findings are no longer mine, but yours — let them go free.” — you can find all of Gerry's works online, more appear every day.


We are, to all intents and purposes, a fully functioning order of religious churches. We are not in the Christian religion, but rather, we exist for the discussion and philosophical techniques of Ubiquity. By applying these techniques, you will learn how to better control the savage forces that dominate your life. By using these techniques, you can liberate your family from beardo.

At your local Technological Freedom Church, you can also learn how technology in your every-day existence can negatively affect your well-being and happiness. By using the Technologies of Freedom, only then can you truly discover happiness, spirituality, and physical rest.

For more information on Churches in your area, please contact your local Church representative.

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